Results Are The Only Option !!

Is Online Personal Training as effective as working with a Personal Trainer in person?

The vast majority of people get Unbelievable Results with JayTheBody’s Fitness Roadmap To Success! JayTheBody will give you the guidance and motivation you need to meet your Fitness Goals! The best thing about online personal training is you can do your workouts on your own time at your own convenience! If you are ever unsure about a workout, or have supplemental questions, nutritional questions or concerns you will have access to contact JayTheBody. You will get all the support and advice you need from JayTheBody to reach your Fitness Goals without a doubt!!

How does Online Personal Training Work?

Online personal training is basically an Online Fitness program where everything is provided and tailored based on your fitness goals and needs. Jaythebody will hold you accountable for following his fitness Roadmap To Success….Online Personal Training Packages Includes

  • Personalized Meal Plans
  • A Time Schedule for when to eat throughout the day
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Supplementation Advice
  • Custom Exercises
  • Weekly Email Updates where you can ask questions and give updates via Email and inform JayTheBody about any of your issues or concerns!!!!
Does my Program have to be done in a gym?

No, JayTheBody’s Fitness Program can be done in the gym or In-Home & Outdoors as long as you have dumbbells, Exercise Mat and anything JayTheBody recommends.

What does my Meal Plan look like?

Your meals will be Personalized based on your fitness goals and needs.

How much time a week do I need to dedicate to training?

For Fat and Weight Loss 5-10 hours a week between resistance training and your cardio. That is only 4-7% of your weekly time!!

Where can I have my Body Fat % Checked?

Your local gym or doctor’s office can provide you with this information! Most gyms and doctors will be able to take your body fat on the spot do to the fact that it takes seconds depending on which method is done!

How do I check my Body Fat %?

There are many methods for testing body body %. The SkinFold test that is done with Calipers, Anthropometric, Hydrostatic Weighing, DEXA Scan and The Most Popular and Convenient the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. Most local gyms have a Bioelectric Impedance device to test your body fat.

What are the typical results for each client?

Results will always vary based on each individual person. There are numerous variables and factors that dictate results. Your level of training experience, your current body composition, the intensity you train and how closely you follow your program will all play a role in the timeline of your progress. Average clients lose anywhere from 3 to 7lbs a week. However the scale isn’t always the most accurate form of progress considering we are burning fat but yet adding lean muscle which carries weight, that is why JayTheBody not only tracks your weight but we will also track your Body Fat %, and Progress Pictures! But one thing is for sure if you follow JayTheBody’s Fitness Roadmap To Success, there is no way possible you won’t see Results!! The longer you train with JayTheBody the more results you will see because Results Is The Only Option!!


Are your plans “One Size Fits All” or Completely Custom?

No, All meal plans are Completely Custom and will be different for each client and ultimately based on your goals.

I just signed up what is the next step?

After signing up you will receive an email from JayTheBody about his Fitness Program, he will also inform you what information is needed. So be sure to be detailed and as honest as possible when answering any questions so JayTheBody can better assist you!

How long does it take to receive my program?

It can take anywhere from as little as 3-6 business days to receive your full customized JayTheBody Fitness Roadmap To Success!

When can I start my Customized Training Program?

You can begin JayTheBody’s Fitness Roadmap To Success the minute you receive your program!!

Does JayTheBody provide Refunds?

JayTheBody does not provide refunds. If you follow JayTheBody’s Fitness Roadmap To Success, you will see results no Questions Asked! You are undergoing a complete lifestyle change, only you can hinder yourself from reaching your Fitness Goals!

Why is there a No Refund Policy?

When you join JayTheBody Online Personal Training service, you are utilizing the knowledge, skills and fitness program of JayTheBody. This is the intellectual property of JayTheBody, LLC / SecretFormulaFitness LLC

Do I have to Take Before and After Pictures?

Yes, There is no other way for us to be able to see what your body looks like without them. You will submit 3 photos prior to starting (Front Back and Side photos) in shorts, or thin pants and nicely fitted shirt.