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Online Personal Training

Online training is basically a package where everything is provided and you will do it yourself and JayTheBody will hold you accountable for following his fitness roadmap to success….Online Personal Training Packages includes:

Personalized Meal Plans

A Time Schedule for when to eat throughout the day

Nutritional Guidance

Custom Exercises

Supplementation Advice

Afforable Pricing

You and JayTheBody will Track and Record your Progress from Weight, Body Fat loss and Most of all Strength

Weekly Email Updates where you can ask questions and give updates via Email and inform JayTheBody about any of your issues or concerns.

The Online Personal Training Package Regimen will be Modified based on Progress and Results throughout the Program. Basically JayTheBody will switch up certain parts of the program and JayTheBody would provide more exercises and different nutritional & supplement recommendation weekly and Monthly or when needed to reach Our Fitness Goals!