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2-ON-1 Personal Training

Welcome to JayTheBody.comWhere “Results Are The Only Option !!!”

I have been asked this question a lot ” Can i bring a Friend to workout with me”. I use to only offer 1-on-1 Personal Training but I am at the point where I can’t train or help as many people as I like, so i decide to do  2-on-1 Personal Training. Yes, I said it 2-on-1 Personal Training.

I know you have someone in mind you would like to workout with, it can be your Best Friend, Cousin, Father, Sister, Mother or Even Significant other or anyone of your choice. 2-on-1 Personal Training, is great for those of you that need that extra push. The only thing i recommend is to choose wisely & make sure you can depend on that person to make every session with you.

2-on-1 Personal Training is very Affordable, so price will not be an excuse anymore.

2-on-1 Personal Training is basically a Fitness Program where you and your partner work with JayTheBody. Everything is provided and tailored based on both of your Fitness Goals and Needs. The great thing about JayTheBody’s 2-on-1 Personal Training is that you get to train with JayTheBody as many times needed per week.

Jaythebody will hold you accountable for following his Fitness Roadmap To Success !!!!!

JayTheBody’s Secret Formula Fitness Programs are available and Includes:

Personalized Meal Plans

A Time Schedule for when to eat throughout the day

Nutritional Guidance

Supplementation Advice

Custom Exercises

You and JayTheBody will Track and Record your Progress from Weight, Body Fat loss and Most of all Strength

For more Information on 2-on-1 Personal Training Package Packages please Visit  ( Secret Formula Fitness ) and Complete the Form on that page & JayTheBody or a Trainer from Secret Formula Fitness will contact you to set up a Consultation !